Brno – an amazing city in the heart of Europe, Czech republic.

When we say Heart of Europe, everyone (at least I hope everyone) should imagine Czech Republic, as a lovely country surrounded by Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia. Brno (latin Bruna) is the second biggest city of the republic with 384 277 citizens.

It is not so much, but on the other side who want´s to be every day surrounded by millions of people, running like crazy for their daily duties. The city is located at the confluence of rivers Svratka and Svitava (this place is easily accessible for bike lovers as there is a very nice bike trail, where u can go also by roller skates etc.)


Confluence of two rivers

The city is a very important center of education with 33 faculties of 13 universities (the most famous is Masaryk University) and more than 89 000 of students.

I think we should thank to the students for what Brno is partly what it is. Many interesting events are taking place all over the year as well a lot of cultural projects with extraordinary ideas behind. We have very nice pubs, cafes, great terraces during summer, cute shops and the best ingredient you can find here for any activity you wish to do is the fresh and clean air for your brain which gives you the energy and inspiration to create something special or just simply live a good happy life.

By the way  Brno was recently announced as the best city in Czech Republic to live in. And according to statistics is much better for life than Bratislava, Brussel, Paris, Prague or London!


Me pretending I know what am I doing 🙂


Good time with friends


I have been living in this city for more than 8 year already and what can I say about life here? I have visited important cities but for me there is no place like Brno. Basically is smaller, so you are not fighting with thousands of people everyday in underground (we don´t have any underground), but by public transport (trams, buses and trolley buses) you can get everywhere you want during day time or night time.

Nightlife is very good  here, no matter if you want to go to a party, club, pub or just shopping (24/7 you can do whatever you want). Brno can provide you with all cultural and leisure time activities you desire. Do you want to go to the theather, cinema, or museum? No problem! Do you need some workout or other activity? No problem again! If you wish to relocate here, you will find out that there are many work opportunities even for people who don´t speak Czech so Brno is for me ideal city for life.

Another thing I find very nice – Brno is not invaded by big groups of tourists like other cities. So when you are here, you can experience full local life without any fake tourist catchers (mostly). You can meet a lot of travellers here, also lot of rich families on their vacations but is still nice and it don´t change too much the character of the city.

So what can you visite when you come here?

  1. Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul – familiarly called Petrov. Is one of the dominants of the city, nicely visible from the city center. Gothic style cathedral, once just a romanesque church is from its inception the most important church in the city. Settled on a hill provides very nice view over the city. I can highly recommend to climb up the stairs of the bell tower, and have a look over the city from this high place. Unforgettable.
  2. Špilberk castle – castle with a rich history, once knowned as a fortress of nations. The castle was founded in the middle of 13th century and was also occupied by German army during 1939 – 1941. I can highly recommend the tour over the casemates. You can see how the prisoners were treated those days. Very motivating! You can find Brno museum there and learn more about the history of one of the most important cities in that area. After you finish your visit inside of the caste, take your time and do some sightseeing around the Špilberk parks and gardens. Castle is settled up the hill so lovely views opens around you.


    Špilberk castle hiding up in the trees

  3. Villa Tugendhat – in Brno you can find a lot of architectonical monuments. This functionalist villa is one of them. Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is nowadays on the list of UNESCO world Cultural Heritage. video
  4. Old town hall – this hall is connected with many legends for example legend about Brno dragon or the Brno wheel.


    Vlad admiring old town hall in rainy evening

  5. Brno reservoir – very nice area for walks, water sports, water cruises and other types of outdoor activities.


    Brno reservoir

  6. Grand Prix Brno – well known Brno circuit host every year world motorbike championship what is an amazing event what can not be missed by any bike lover. This circuit also host lot of other event connected to motorbikes and cars.

Brno is a city of good food, beer (we have also our own brewery Starobrno here). Beer lovers can taste a lot of types of typical Czech beer from big and also from small breweries. As Brno si settled in Moravia region which is famous for its wine production, also wine lovers can fulfil their needs for degustation of some special types of local wine.

I can recommend the city for everyone. Families with kids can visit lot of attractions prepared directly for kids of all ages, they can visit zoo or take nice city walks. Young groups can enjoy rich cultural life and for elderly people city has its secrets as well.

Except for bus, car and train, you may also come here by plane (airport is very close to the city, easily reachable by public transport) and you can choose from a wide range of accommodation. From nice luxury hotels to hostels, in this city everyone find exactly what he needs.

When you decide to come and spend your holidays here, you don´t have to be only in Brno. You can find many places of interest in the nearest surroundings. You can go for bike trips, you can take a bus or train and easily visit some other cities (from my favourite I can recommend cities Mikulov and Lednice, famous for it historical monuments and wine).

People here are full of hospitality, so you will feel very comfortable here. And what about language? Lot of people speaks english, german or russian so you can choose your favourite. And if you don´t speak, you will still manage, don´t worry. People are same everywhere.


We claimbed up the Saint hill in Mikulov

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